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Cuban Colours Resonate Brightly

Cuban Colours Resonate Brightly

It’s no secret why so many flags are red, white, and blue. Fashion mandates are powerful and pervasive.


The Cuban culture is one many don’t understand, yet as a destination it is certainly one of the most exciting places to visit on the planet today. We know your’e on holiday but don’t think that stylish clothing will cut it here, the locals don’t. Comfort is the order of the day.

Temperatures regularly rise into the 90’s so certain things are important if you want to stay healthy and enjoy your holiday. Cotton or linen are the best for this climate. In the evenings you’ll need to make an effort in the dress department too.

At our hotel the Paradisus Rio de Oro, trousers had to be worn by gents in the evening and ladies were expected to also dress up, although this rule was lax at times. But you’re on holiday and it’s nice to dress up a little, right?




The time warp that once was Cuba, is now mellowing into a stylish country 

People struggle to have a style of their own in this country, such is the way things have gone over the years. However, the resolve we see today is steely and people are starting to look forward with dreams and aspirations that at one time would not have been thought about.

From jewellery to colourful clothing the Cubans are now taking back there lives in a way that is so far away from recent times. There is a high level of self care and refinement. This is shaping the way to a brighter future for all, who said red, white and blue could not inspire!

Cuba and style go hand in hand and the country is on the cusp of another revolution, but this time with an authority to make their homeland the best it can possibly be.

Paradisus Rio de Oro, Cuba

Paradisus Rio de Oro, Cuba

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