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Sparkling Costa Cocktails

Sparkling Costa Cocktails

When you head into town for dinner simple or delicious. 

The bars and restaurants of Costa Teguise are geared towards a tourist market. However, don’t think that it’s all burgers and pasta.

It’s one of the most difficult things to do when on holiday and you’re new in town to guess which restaurant might just be the one.

Below are three we eventually went too, all completely different in price and service but hopefully it will give you an idea of the selection available in Costa Teguise. The choice is very wide and varied.




Restaurants in Costa Teguise

Pablos Restaurante

Thunder clouds and torrential rain greeted us on Saturday evening as we entered the town square. Pablos restaurant was the choice for our meal outside on the veranda.

Both of us had the lasagne which was delicious, a side of chips accompanied the meal. Luckily we had almost finished before the heavens opened! After a quick move we managed to escape the waterfall and get indoors.

The staff were efficient and made little fuss of the conditions allowing guests to move inside. The restaurant has a nice ambience and if you like the AL fresco style this is a good people watching spot. Try out Pablo it was pretty good, had the standard fare you find with a large menu.

Casa Blanca

We came across the Casa Blanca after a stroll around the centre of town. We were welcomed in and seated.

Our drinks arrived and our food which was a sirloin steak a piece. One rare the other well done. Its always a time when you think will they get it right! Thankfully both came as ordered beautiful tender meat and delicious mushroom and peppercorn sauces respectively.

The service was friendly and helpful. However we both felt it was lacking some ambience. All in all good food but.......

El Maestro

We visited the El Maestro and plumped for a table outside even though it was quite breezy. Our waiter came over and immediately you had the feeling that this was going to be good! The friendliness and interaction was excellent, so many times you go to restaurants where you find the staff are just doing a job of work, not here!

Drinks arrived and our food which consisted of Prawn and Spinach pasta and a Tejana burger was outstanding, cooked beautifully and had great presentation.

We moved over to a lounge area afterwards. Again the staff brought drinks and extra cushions to use. We ended the night with a complimentary drink which we are still not quite sure what it was but tasted divine.

This was by far our best experience in a restaurant not only in Lanzarote but other places we have visited recently. The Maestro for us was a virtuoso performance in the art of making your evening very special and delivering service of the highest order. Just go and visit, hopefully you'll have an experience as enjoyable as ours.


Costa Teguise Addresses

  • Pablo’s Restaurante

  • Casa Blanca Calle las Olas, 4, 35508 Costa Teguise

  • El Maestro, El Maestro Calle Olas 2, 35508 Costa Teguise

We all have opinions and personal favourites and even dependent on our mood when it comes to dishes and service. Finding the right meal for the right occasion is never easy. Costa Teguise provides something for everyone. Enjoy the cuisine and enjoy your break away from having to wash up after!

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