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An Abundance of Style in the Indian Ocean

An Abundance of Style in the Indian Ocean

Look no further than the shores of this tiniest of islands for a sensation that will remain for a lifetime.


Mauritius has it all, no we’re not joking. It really has it all. From lush plantations to soaring mountainous regions, giant waterfalls and beaches you only ever dream about. It’s a perfect place to sit back, relax and realise that after all your travels you really did end up in heaven.

Even though you will no longer find the Dodo here, you will find a peaceful loving and caring people who will do anything to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. There are no hidden agendas, the place is all about authenticity and you’ll find so much of this.

The majority of the hotels here are 5* rated so expect to be treated like a prince or princess. The vibrancy of the island cajole you into another world, where exploration is a must to take full advantage of what this place offers.



If this is paradise then please give me more!

Whatever you do in Mauritius you’ll have lasting memories, it’s a world away from anything else you might discover on your travels. Exclusivity and style are just a small part of what the island offers, it can be everything to some and a true escape for others.

In 2018 Mauritius celebrated it’s 50th year of independence and this diverse population came out in numbers. When it comes to what to wear, be cool and relaxed. Ladies tend to wear summer dresses and men are best to opt for long trousers and short sleeved shirts.

Temperatures do not vary much throughout the year. The hottest months are December to February and even at night it can get a little uncomfortable at times especially in the humid summer months.

Our advice is just go, treat yourself to a holiday of a lifetime, you might even want to return.

Eurasian inspired cuisine Mauritian style

Eurasian inspired cuisine Mauritian style

Our Little Piece of Heaven in Mauritius

Our Little Piece of Heaven in Mauritius