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Trails, Temples and Tranquillity

Trails, Temples and Tranquillity

From beauty to exhilaration to hidden away secrets. The island of Mauritius holds the key to new exploration.


The islands secrets can be found around every corner, this true paradise is a wonderment of nature. From flatland’s to mountainous regions. Mauritius has a unique beauty that is hard to match in other places globally.

Whatever you crave while visiting there is something intriguing to discover. We made numerous trips out from the hotel with a hire car. Port Louis is certainly worth a visit, with it’s vibrant shopping mall to the hustle and bustle of the street market.

British and French influences can be seen all around the island, with colonial buildings from yesteryear to modern complexes that now dominate the city skyline. It has a rich history that you can discover.


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Excursions are a must, and whether you take a hire vehicle or a guided tour Mauritius offers much more than beautiful tropical beaches. Below are a number of trips we went on.

  • Port Louis

  • Big Foot Adventure, Quad Biking

  • Grand Bassin, Holy Temple

  • Chamarel Falls and Seven Coloured Earth

  • One Love Speedboat Tours

For fun and mud in the sun, the Big Foot Adventure is a must for all adrenaline junkies. Spend a couple of hours travelling around sugar plantations, visit stunning hidden away waterfalls and see a inner side to Mauritius. All this and you’ll probably get completely covered in mud too!

The Temple at Grand Bassin is a stunning place to visit. The sacred lake called Ganga Talao  is atop the mountainous south west part of the island. A place to see and respect colourful Hindu temples and gods.

Chamarel falls and the seven coloured earth are another must see tourist attraction. The water falls around 330 feet down into the River du Cap. Coloured Earths is a phenomenon resulting from colour variations due to the cooling of molten rock. Try and visit this area on a sunny day to see all the colours that display in this unique part of the world.

One Love Speedboat organise tours along the coast, with stops at scenic sights and more. We had a wonderful full day excursion with lunch included it’s very popular with much to keep you occupied and which gives you a different perspective of the island.

Eurasian inspired cuisine Mauritian style

Eurasian inspired cuisine Mauritian style